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Noah Purdy specializes in editorial and commercial portrait photography. His work has been published locally in Pittsburgh Magazine, TEQ Magazine, H Magazine and internationally in Net Magazine. His commercial clients include Herman Miller, The University of Michigan, Robert Morris University and Bearded. Noah currently lives in Pittsburgh's historic Uptown and is available for hire.

Pittsburgh Help Portrait 2013


It’s easy to get lost in the drudgery of making a living in the creative field. You’re focus drifts from the ‘why’ to the ‘how’. This feeling seems to hit me every winter. I forget why I got started photographing people and often times the jobs I book in this funk don’t seem to satiate whatever purpose I derive from photography.

Photographer Zack Arias made a great video about his experience with a smilier feeling:

Last Saturday I found myself at Community Human Services volunteering at my first Help-Portrait event.

Help-Portrait is a once yearly event that happens on the first Saturday of December. It is a coming-together of photographers, retouchers, make-up artists, hairstylists, and other volunteers to provide portraits to folks who might not otherwise have the means to get their portrait professionally taken.


Even nearly a week later I’m still trying to process the experience. I met so many amazing folks that I otherwise likely wouldn’t have. Whatever feeling of purpose I derive from photography was fulfilled that day and I’m grateful that I was able to share it.


I like to half-joke that the only reason I’m a photographer is that I haven’t yet found a better excuse to meet incredible people and hear their stories. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make that joke anymore because I don’t think a better excuse exists.

Photo by  Kris Mortensen .

Photo by Kris Mortensen.

Photo by  Kris Mortensen .

Photo by Kris Mortensen.


We had an incredible team at CHS’s Lawn Street location. Shooting along-side me were my pals Cory Morton and Kris Mortensen, and new friends Dmitriy BabichenkoPamela Marie, and Kevin Lorenzi (The organizer of all of Pittsburgh’s Help-Portrait events). I can't wait for next year!

Kevin, Kris, Dmitriy, Pam, Rachel, Cory, me.

Kevin, Kris, Dmitriy, Pam, Rachel, Cory, me.