Noah Purdy | Editorial & Commercial Photographer | Pittsburgh PA


Noah Purdy specializes in editorial and commercial portrait photography. His work has been published locally in Pittsburgh Magazine, TEQ Magazine, H Magazine and internationally in Net Magazine. His commercial clients include Herman Miller, The University of Michigan, Robert Morris University and Bearded. Noah currently lives in Pittsburgh's historic Uptown and is available for hire.

Bikepacking Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons and Idaho.

Back in the summer of 2016 Sarah and I decided we wanted to do another bike trip but something a little more grand. One of Sarah’s best friends was a park ranger in the Grand Tetons and so we decided we’d do some bike packing through Yellowstone and parts of the GDMBR.

I took a bunch of photos. I know, big surprise. Unfortunately they have sat on a hard drive for two years because I am the worst. In an effort to fill some of the (empty) frames in our house I decided to finally go through these images and figured I should also probably share them with the world.

We flew into Jackson Hole. Reba picked us up and we went on a hike in the Tetons to a few small lakes at the base of the range. Our first deviation happened when we decided to get a ride from Lake to Yellowstone. We checked out a few of the touristy spots and then hiked Seven Mile Hole Trail before bidding Reba adieu. As we rode through Yellowstone several of the wildfires that were burning in Yellowstone and the Tetons really started to take off. They caused road closures at three of the four entrances to Yellowstone while we were there as well as closed the two passes we intended to take to get back to Jackson.

While camping at Tower Junction we could see fire creeping over the hillside across the valley from us. Smoke filled the air everywhere and it made for some really difficult riding — we were glad to get into Montana and Idaho to ride the GDMBR. Because of fire detours we ended up riding all the way to Victor and Reba picked us up and drove us over the pass to Jackson. It was definitely the most ambitious and exciting adventure we’ve had on bikes.

That said, rather than attempt to accurately summarize an experience from two years I dug up all the captions from our social posts and attached them to the photos below, as well as the initial post of our (planned) route. Enjoy.