Noah Purdy | Editorial & Commercial Photographer | Pittsburgh PA


Noah Purdy specializes in editorial and commercial portrait photography. His work has been published locally in Pittsburgh Magazine, TEQ Magazine, H Magazine and internationally in Net Magazine. His commercial clients include Herman Miller, The University of Michigan, Robert Morris University and Bearded. Noah currently lives in Pittsburgh's historic Uptown and is available for hire.

Regina Koetters

Regina at Marty's Market for  Dividend Magazine .

Regina at Marty's Market for Dividend Magazine.

Regina for  Rustbelt Almanac . 

Regina for Rustbelt Almanac

I’ve met a lot of incredible folks as a result of putting together Rustbelt Almanac and as luck would have it most of them have become friends - Regina is one of them. We wrote about her transformation from lego-city architect to Naval officer to grocer in Issue No. 1 but I still don’t think the article does justice to the mountain of accomplishments under her belt. She’s certainly one of the hardest working folks I know and it’s great that I’ve gotten to continue working with her.

Earlier this summer I photographed Regina for The University of Michighan’s Ross School of Business’s alumni magazine Dividend Magazine. Gretchen, the art director, wanted to capture the dynamism of both Regina’s personality and Marty’s Market. The end result is the above portrait of Regina in her store surrounded by her busy patrons.

Most recently, in exchange for the space and vegetables to photograph a few spreads for the upcoming Issue No. 2 of Rustbelt Almanac, I made some images for Marty’s fall marketing campaign - my favorite being the photo of Marty’s Chinese 5 Spice. I was also able to collaborate with Quelcy Kogel, a killer food-stylist. As a portrait photographer, the thought of product or food photography isn’t all that exciting but we had a blast working together making images that Regina really loved.

I’m excited to see what else Regina has in-store for Pittsburgh (bad pun, I know). I also can’t wait for the next project where our paths cross.

  Quelcy  getting her food-stylin' on.

 Quelcy getting her food-stylin' on.

Marty's Market's Chinese 5 Spice.

Marty's Market's Chinese 5 Spice.

Charcuterie at Marty's Market.

Charcuterie at Marty's Market.

Fall produce at Marty's Market.

Fall produce at Marty's Market.